Varjon valo mixes art, technology and antiques

Varjon valo designer Aya Ko explains her vision, "I want to combine the present with the past; modern with old; plastic with wood, electronics with human feelings". The Varjon valo collection is expanding from her ideas.


Tassu, a Raspberry Pi 3/2 case with a custom LED shield that makes a classic glass item by Tapio Wirkkala shine as never before.


Finland celebrates its 100th year of independence. Send this "106" or "one hundred grane" to your business contacts with your company logo attached and they know what we are celebrating. Optionally you can order a "106" with a small stand with a battery and a LED-light that makes the grane shine in the darkness.


Varjon valo sells modernized design lamps and luxury Scandinavian glass design objects from various designers, e.g. Fagerlund, Wirkkala, Sarpaneva, Frank, Nyman.